To ensure that our tourists have amazing and memorable experiences, Key2MIA asks that all local ambassadors adhere to the following business principles 


Even if you're not a professional tour guide, you must always maintain professionalism.  Your main goal is to provide tourists with memorable experiences in a friendly manner as you are a reflection of Key2MIA, but most importantly, yourself and your city.  As a local ambassador, you take full responsibility for your client's safety and enjoyment with the provided experience.  If there is a complaint, you respond in a professional and appropriate manner.  

You should also present yourself in a professional manner and be dressed appropriately and comfortably for the experience.  Also, refrain from acts that may cause offense or discomfort such as smoking, constant use of your phone or foul language.  


Full and complete disclosure is a necessity.  All information in your profile on both you and your experience should be accurate and up-to-date.  


You must be prompt in your responses for tour bookings, questions, etc.  If for some reason you are unable to respond, you have assigned someone who can respond on your behalf.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of booking and/or termination. 


Once an experience is confirmed, Key2MIA expects you to deliver on your experience unless there is an illness or extenuating circumstance that prohibits you from doing so.  In this case, both Key2MIA and your tourists should be notified immediately so that we can work with you to find another local ambassador to complete the experience on your behalf.  


All costs of tours will be described as in your tour description.  Please ensure that all costs are covered in your tour description so that tourists are not caught off guard by unexpected fees.  Should you provide an amazing experience and tourists want to provide you with gratuity for an amazing experience, please have the proper channels to accept the tip (venmo, cash app, etc).  Please do not ask for gratuity and note that Key2MIA will not accept any gratuity on your behalf.  


Ensure that you make tourists that book through Key2MIA feel safe at all times.  If you are providing transportation, ensure that your guest is a priority and feel comfortable.  When going to various locations, be aware of their well-being as well as emotional and physical safety at all times.  They are entrusting you during the experience.  Make sure they are your priority. 


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