Your Experience Engineer will create the perfect itinerary for your team to see who has school...we mean work spirit! Superlatives will be given out as well as prizes for those with the most votes.


This mobile exercise allows your team to explore their environment (city, neighborhood or office), complete crazy challenges and work together to solve clues.  At the end, videos are shared with the entire team to vote on the best of the best!



This indoor activity will be sure to lighten the office mood and bring  loads of laughs.  Combining elements of some of the most popular game shows, crazy props and one witty host, you can expect full audience participation with this experience.

3 days-1 week

20 mins daily

2-3 hrs

1-1.5 hrs


Test your team's culinary prowess with this experience.  Cakes will be provided for teams (or singles) to recreate a masterpiece chosen by your Experience Engineer.  What's the catch?  They will be timed...and they will be judged!


Your mission, to complete this interactive experience as quickly and efficiently as you can.  Your team becomes top secret agents on a mission to crack codes, find clues and think critically together.  This experience can be done indoors or outdoors.


Any experience that includes corporate social responsibility is always a good thing!  Send your team on a quest to complete challenges with planted actors, earning points and pre-purchased donation items.  At the end of this experience, all items will go to the charity of your choice. 

2 hrs

1 hr

1 hr


This is a Karaoke battle on steroids! What may seem like a simple challenge actually requires attention to detail and coordination. Your Experience Engineer will assign each team a segment from a popular song that they must study and recreate. The activity is offsite, but each team will be pre-selected and given their song of choice with enough time to execute like a boss.




Not every office has a bar, but there is at least one (or 5) in your office that know their way around a cocktail.  This experience is only intended for staff 21+ where we send a licensed mixologist to you!  Your team will learn 2 signature cocktails and at the end, 4 will be selected to compete for title of Expert Mixologist!


Get the team to let their hair down and enjoy the great outdoors with this experience.  Your Experience Engineer will design an afternoon of various physical activity challenges and games for the entire team to enjoy.  

1-1.5 hrs

1-1.5 hrs

3-4 hrs


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