GMCVB Hispanic Heritage Community Tour

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Hialeah, FL/ Hispanic Heritage Community Tour

Earlier this month, Key2MIA decided to become a tourist for the day and attend GMCVB's 2nd Annual Hispanic Heritage Tour. The tour was hosted by the Multicultural Tourism & Development Department and took us off the beaten path into the heart of some of Miami's historic landmarks, attractions and Hispanic gems.

Our first stop was into Hialeah where we visited the Hialeah Park Casino & Racetrack. The location has been a South Florida mainstay for over 90 years and has earned the title of “The World’s Most Beautiful Horse Race Course”. We got a grand tour of the venue and learned that they are the only place the species has been successfully reproduced outside its wild state. For that reason, the infield area of the racetrack was deemed a National Audubon Sanctuary. Talk about a fun fact! We had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful birds up close and personal.

Next, we ventured into the heart of Hialeah and saw some beautiful artwork on Leah Arts District, Hialeah’s versión if Wynwood. Even as locals, we had no idea that so much artistic and cultural beauty lied within the neighborhood.

We snapped a ton of photos and headed to Opa-Locka where we visited the historic Opa-Locka- Hialeah Flea Market. It's the largest flea market in Miami and, if you're a local, you should have the iconic tune from the popular commercial stuck in your head. The location is open seven days a week and has a ton of family-focused events that are FREE to attend. If you're ever in Miami and seek thrifty deals, culture and family fun, then make sure you visit this spot.

Our last stop, a party for our taste buds! We ended the tour with a stop to Mondongo's Restaurante in Doral. We tried a Colombian staple from the exclusive menu provided to all tourists, ajiaco. If you've never experienced this soup, you don't know what you're missing. And aside from having a Colombian abuelita cook it from scratch in her kitchen, this was the best we've had in Miami! What made it even better, having it presented to you by the owner and having Doral's mayor join you for lunch!

Key2MIA truly enjoyed this experience, led by Dr. Corinna J. Moebius, Cultural Anthropologist, and learned so much! As Moebius stated on the tour, “I want us to think about how nothing is fixed, everything is fluid. Here in Miami, we are always bringing something new to the mix.”. We couldn’t agree more. Thanks for such for an amazing experience GMCVB ❤️

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