Why you should get a personal tour guide

Why explore Miami on your own when being with a local is so much cooler? Avoid the large tour groups, expensive ride share rates, and the frustration to trying to find your way around the city.

1. Get immediate access to things that you would otherwise miss.

When traveling with a personal tour guide, you can often gain access and discounts to things you aren't privy to on your own. A local will best understand the quickest ways to get around, often saving you money and time.

2. The ability to learn about the culture from someone who is immersed in it daily.

It's a huge bonus when you can visit a city and learn about the culture from someone who lives it daily. A good local guide can share things in a new place with you so that you don't feel out of place.

3. Flexibility to create your own schedule and itinerary.

While the majority of tourists are booking group bus and walking tours, planning your trip with a private tour guide allows you to tailor your experience to fit your interests. Not only do you get to walk the road less traveled, but you get a more individual experience with a personalized touch. Also, in many cases, your tour prices can include discounted admission into attractions.

4. Insight and Companionship

Sometimes, it's simply not safe to travel alone. With a personal tour guide, you have someone with you at all times that knows the safe and “not so safe areas”. They can offer you companionship if you’re a party of one, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your overall trip.

Key2MIA provides a personalized experience for a party of 1 or a large group, allowing you to live like a local while in Miami. Even travelers who prefer checking out things on their own may find that by booking an experience with Key2MIA, especially when you have a short amount of time and don't know your way around, is the best way to really enjoy the city.

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