Working Out While Traveling

Staying on track with your fitness routine while enjoying travel plans can be difficult, but there’s no need to stunt your fitness progress while traveling. With a bit of planning ahead and finding creative ways to get moving, you can enjoy working out on vacation.

1. Include Your Workout Into Your Itinerary

You have to prioritize working out while on vacation. If you’re taking a business trip, plan ahead and see what times you’ll have available to fit in your workout. For a trip with family or friends, let them know ahead of time that you plan to workout so they know and can hold you accountable.

2. Pack for The Occassion

You have your business attire, swimwear and outfits for a night on the town, but don’t forget to set yourself up for success by packing at least one workout outfit. Replace one pair of shoes in your suitcase with tennis shoes or wear them onto the plane.

3. Check Out Fitness Classes In The Area or In Your Hotel

Not only should you see the sights on Miami, but you should also explore the fitness scene! Fitness is big in Miami and there are a ton of options (Including free) if you know where to find it. Key2MIA can incorpoeate fitness I tour your customized experience and we even have discount offers to various places with our Key2 The City.

4. Choose Your Workouts Wisely

If you’re traveling, chances are, your fitness schedule may be limited. Be smart about the exercises you do to really get the full benefits within that time frame. For example, doing compound exercises with interval training will deliver the intensity and have you ready to go on with your day.

5. Prepare For “Cheat” Meals

On vacation, almost every day is a cheat day. Every cocktail, every cookie, every French fry...but you can plan ahead by strategically skipping meals so you can enjoy larger meals and stay within your caloric intake count. Eat proteins and veggies for lunch so that you can indulge for dinner.

Millions of people stay healthy with a hectic travel schedule and you can too. You only fall off the fitness wagon if you tell yourself it’s’ve got this and with these tips, you can truly make fitness on the go work for you!

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