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  • Unique Experiences in Miami

    There is so much that you can do in Miami that doesn't include clubs, yachts, or breaking the bank. And don't get me wrong, those things are great too, but for anyone who is looking for something pretty cool and off the beaten path, I think this list is a pretty solid start to an unforgettable experience. AI-Guided Tour Embark on an AI-guided tour with Key2MIA, where cutting-edge technology meets personalized exploration. This tour is more than just sightseeing; you get to have an immersive journey through Little Havana that redefines the way you discover destinations. The tour ends with a salsa dance class (with a human). A great way to experience the area. Address: 1642 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135 (starting point) Exotic Wine Tasting at Schnebly Winery Schnebly Winery is the southernmost winery in the United States and offers unique blends like avocado, passion fruit, star fruit and lychee. Tours start at $16 and tastings are just $25. Address: 30205 SW 217th Ave, Homestead, FL 33030 Private Air Tours Eagle Air Tours is my top recommendation for seeing breathtaking arial views of Miami. I strongly suggest catching the sunset for this experience. Bookings start at $67 for 30 minutes. All pilots are FAA certified. Address: 14532 SW 129th St, Miami, FL 33186 Luxury Car Experience I won't be responsible for someone scratching a Lambo on my watch (or insurance), so I thoroughly enjoyed riding shotgun on a Blast Supercar Experience. You can opt to drive yourself and they have an impressive fleet to choose from. Rate start at just $95. Address: 1628 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Graffiti Art Classes Graffiti art classes are a fun way to get introduced to Miami's Wynwood area and you get to take your masterpiece home. Address: 413 NW 27 Street, Miami, Florida 33127 Take a F*ukin Break The Break Room Miami is fairly new, but offers such a unique way to escape the tourist traps in Miami. You can reserve your spot and break some ish starting at $35. Address:1912 NW 20th St, Miami, FL 33142 Flying Trapeze If you like adventure, you'll love Miami Flying Trapeze. I've been wanting to do this for years and finally did. The instructors are amazing and the rates are super reasonable ($35). Address: 9651 NW 13th Ave, Miami, FL 33147 Don't forget to explore Miami with Key2MIA. We offer unique, off the beaten path experiences to see Miami though the lens of a local. Get a custom itinerary created for your bachelor(ette) party or birthday celebration, get a custom tour made to fit your interests and preferences, or take one of signature tours: Melanin Miami: Uncover the rich history, culture, and contributions of the Black community that have shaped Miami. Key to My He(art): Unlock the Key to My He(art) tour with Key2MIA and delve into the vibrant art scene that beats at the heart of Miami. The Calle Ocho Experience: Unlock the rich heritage of Little Havana as you stroll down the colorful streets, savor authentic Cuban cuisine, and sway to the rhythm of live salsa music. Book today at

  • Miami Black History: Richmond Heights

    Imagine a community where resilience and vision met the challenges of history. Welcome to Richmond Heights, a place that holds the legacy of courage and determination. In the aftermath of World War II, Captain Frank C. Martin, a pioneer with a vision, defied the Jim Crow era norms. He laid the foundation for Richmond Heights, a haven exclusively for Black military heroes returning home. In 1946, Richmond Heights was born—a planned community where the dreams of Black GIs took root. Only those with honorable service could call it home, with homes priced at a modest $8,000. The Swain family, led by George and Betty, became the proud pioneers of this bold experiment. Richmond Heights thrived, becoming a self-sustaining hub with its own water system, businesses, and even Florida's first Black postmaster. By 1951, over 450 homes stood as a testament to the community's strength and unity. Fast forward to today, and Richmond Heights stands not just as a historical district but as a living legacy. It's more than brick and mortar; it's a testament to the resilience of a community that shaped its own destiny from day one. Discover Richmond Heights, where every street echoes the footsteps of those who paved the way—a community with a history as rich and vibrant as the people who call it home. You can see the reel I created in collaboration with History Miami on Richmond Heights by clicking here.

  • The History of Liberty City

    Many of the ugly pages of history have been obscured or forgotten, but in Liberty City sits the remnants of Miami's history that won't soon be forgotten: the segregation wall or the "Buffer Strip" at Liberty Square Housing Projects. In the 1930's there was a campaign for better house for Blacks in Miami. The conditions were poor in what was then known as "Colored Town"; so poor, in fact, President Roosevelt ordered construction of the first federally funded housing projects in the Southern US, Liberty Square. Those that moved into the units went from wash tubs and oil lamps to bathrooms and electricity. Now, white residents were not happy about their new Black neighbors and as the housing projects went up, so did the segregation wall that stood over 4 feet tall, creating a literal color line in Liberty City. Today, you'll find traces of that wall as well as what is and what use to be of the housing development, ensuring this piece of Miami history continues to tell a powerful story.

  • Why are there so many roosters in Little Havana?

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many roosters...and statues of roosters in Little Havana? There's on that welcomes you on Calle Ocho and 27th Ave. There's another one on 8th and 17th. ...and a ton more sprinkled throughout the neighborhood..even live ones greeting you along Cuban Memorial Park. but why? Well, in 2002, about 8 rooster sculptures were designed with the intent of making Calle Ocho a tourist destination. I think it's safe to say that the idea worked. But if you know anything about the area, you know that roosters mean a lot more than notoriety for the neighborhood. Some say they're a symbol of good luck. In Afro-Cuban Rumba, you may notice that some of the gestures of the male dancer are reminiscent of the rooster. In Santería, the rooster is associated with Orishas and sometimes used as sacrificial offerings. One might say that the rooster is a pretty big deal overall in Little Havana. You can learn more about them and the Cuban culture during Key2MIA's Calle Ocho Experience. .

  • Nomadness Fest 2023

    Nomadness Fest was September 28 - October 1st and was such an unforgettable experience. I've known of Nomadness for years, but this was the first time I got to attend a summit, and it exceeded all expectations. For travelers of color and our allies, this event was and is more than just a festival – it's a gathering of minds, an exploration of culture, and a celebration of community. As we journey from city to city, Nomadness Fest curates honest and communal conversations about what it's like to navigate the world as people of color. Each year, their theme reflects the cultural climate and the needs and desires of travelers, and this year is no exception. This Year's Theme: Cultural + Conscious Travel As a Miami-based tour operator, I've had the privilege of showcasing the vibrant culture, history, and beauty of my city to travelers from all corners of the globe. But attending Nomadness Fest 2023 in Louisville, KY, was an eye-opening experience that made me reflect on my role and the significance of my work. One pivotal question posed during the festival resonated with me deeply: Are we exploring the world for the 'gram, for connection, or perhaps for both? It's a question that transcends the boundaries of time and place, but its relevance in my profession hit home. For me, leading tours in Miami has always been about sharing the stories, the essence, and the hidden gems of this city. It's about connecting with travelers on a personal level and helping them create lasting memories. However, the question raised at Nomadness Fest made me consider if I was doing enough to foster genuine connections among the people who visit my city. The festival's theme of "Cultural + Conscious Travel" pushed me to think beyond the surface and ponder the impact of tourism on Miami's native lands and local communities. It made me reflect on whether I was contributing to a richer, more profound travel experience for my guests or merely offering photo opportunities for their social media feeds. Returning to Miami after this transformative experience, I've made even more of a commitment to elevate my role as a tour operator. So, here is my pledge to you: Heavy on the Authentic Experiences: I'll will continue to strive to provide more immersive and authentic experiences that go beyond the typical tourist hotspots. After all, I take pride in taking you beyond the beach. Key2MIA will continue to delve into the local culture, introducing travelers to the real Miami, and connecting them with the people and stories that make this city so unique. Raise Awareness:Key2MIA will make it a point to continue to educate guests about the cultural and historical significance of the places we visit. This will help them understand the context and appreciate the local heritage. Encourage Conscious Choices: This is one that I feel I haven't done enough of on all fronts, but I'll do my best to inspire travelers to make conscious choices during their journey, whether it's supporting local businesses, respecting the environment, or contributing positively to the communities they explore. Foster Connections: Beyond showcasing the city,Key2MIA will aim to create a sense of connection among guests, encouraging them to interact with one another and with the locals, allowing them to forge genuine relationships and lasting memories. Nomadness Fest 2023 reminded me that through my tours, I hold the power to shape the travel experiences of those who visit Miami. It's not just about showing them the sights; it's about enabling them to discover the soul of the city and leave with a deeper appreciation for its culture. My goal is to make every trip to Miami a transformative journey, one that leaves travelers not just with Instagram-worthy photos but with meaningful connections and an enriched perspective on the world. So, to all those who choose to explore Miami with me, know that I'm committed to providing you with more than just a tour – I'm here to offer you an opportunity for genuine connection, cultural understanding, and a memorable travel experience that goes far beyond the 'gram.

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