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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Discover the vibrant cultural and heritage gems of Miami with Key2MIA's immersive day tours. Our carefully crafted itineraries take you off the beaten path, unveiling the city's hidden treasures and untold stories. Delve into the heart of Miami's diverse communities, indulge in local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rich history that makes this city truly unique.



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Embark on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant heart of Little Havama, guided by Key2MIA's AI tour guide, Joya. From tantalizing Enjoying Cuban gelato to pulsating beats in your high-energy salsa class, this tour promises an immersive adventure like never before.

Every moment is a memory to cherish and truly allows you to experience Miami in a new way.


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Key2MIA offers meticulously crafted and tailored experiences to meet the unique preferences and desires of each individual or group. With a focus on personalization and exclusivity, these tours go beyond the traditional travel experience, offering a truly customized journey that aligns with your specific interests, schedule, and expectations.

From the very beginning, we collaborate closely with you to understand your travel aspirations and requirements. We take the time to listen to your preferences, whether it's specific destinations, activities, or themes that resonate with you. With this information, we create a one-of-a-kind tour that is thoughtfully designed to cater to your every need and desire.

During your bespoke tour, you can expect a high level of personal attention and flexibility. Our dedicated tour operators are passionate about delivering exceptional service and creating unforgettable moments. They are your trusted companions, offering guidance, sharing local stories, and adapting the itinerary to your preferences as needed. Your tour is designed to revolve around you, allowing you to savor each moment at your own pace.

With our bespoke tour offerings, you have the opportunity to delve deep into the city, uncover hidden gems, and immerse yourself in the local culture. Whether it's exploring renowned landmarks, engaging with local communities, or indulging in authentic culinary experiences, every aspect of the tour is tailored to create a meaningful and unforgettable journey.

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