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Why are there so many roosters in Little Havana?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many roosters...and statues of roosters in Little Havana?

  • There's on that welcomes you on Calle Ocho and 27th Ave.

  • There's another one on 8th and 17th.

...and a ton more sprinkled throughout the neighborhood..even live ones greeting you along Cuban Memorial Park.

but why?

Well, in 2002, about 8 rooster sculptures were designed with the intent of making Calle Ocho a tourist destination. I think it's safe to say that the idea worked.

But if you know anything about the area, you know that roosters mean a lot more than notoriety for the neighborhood.

Some say they're a symbol of good luck.

In Afro-Cuban Rumba, you may notice that some of the gestures of the male dancer are reminiscent of the rooster.

In Santería, the rooster is associated with Orishas and sometimes used as sacrificial offerings.

One might say that the rooster is a pretty big deal overall in Little Havana. You can learn more about them and the Cuban culture during Key2MIA's Calle Ocho Experience.


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