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Meet Joya:
Your AI-Generated Tour Guide

Are you ready to explore Miami in a whole new way? Say hello to Joya, your AI-generated tour guide! Joya is your gateway to unlocking the vibrant, colorful, and diverse experiences Miami has to offer. 

A Symphony of Innovation

Joya is the brainchild of Key2MIA's cutting-edge AI technology. She is more than just code; she's the culmination of countless hours of development, research, and data analysis. Joya is designed to be your companion, your storyteller, and your knowledgeable guide through the Magic City. The creation of Joya was very intentional, even down to her name (which is Spanish for "gem"). Her appearance designed to represent the cultural diversity that resides in Miami, but to also pay homage to the owner's teenage daughter (who also helped create Joya). You can interact with Joya in two unique ways:


Joya hosts the exclusive ¡Sabor y Salsa! experience, a delightful AI-guided journey through the heart of Miami's Little Havana. Immerse yourself in the rhythms, flavors, and culture of this vibrant neighborhood as Joya reveals its hidden gems and shares the stories of its residents. At the end, you are able to enjoy Cuban gelato and join a "human-led" salsa class at a local dance studio. 


Joya is not just a tour guide – she's your virtual concierge too! Whether you're visiting Miami for the first time or you're a local looking for fresh experiences, Joya can provide personalized recommendations for dining, entertainment, shopping, and more. It's like having a local expert around 24/7!

Joya's voice is made possible through the power of innovative minds at WellSaid Labs

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